5 Apps To Help You Save Money At Home

Dated: 06/13/2018

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5 Apps to Help You Save Money at Home

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“I want to spend less and save more.” If you’ve ever set this intention, you’re not alone.

Increasing our savings is a goal many of us share, yet ongoing household costs and other obstacles often stand in our way. A recent Bankrate survey found that roughly one-fifth of Americans aren’t saving anything, and 39% of respondents listed expenses as a main reason.

But you can take small steps right now to start saving more in your everyday life. Use tech tools to help you change your habits and get more bang for your buck. These five practical apps will make it easy (and maybe even fun) to save money at home.

1. ShopSavvy

When you’re standing in the grocery store aisle picking up ingredients for dinner, you’re not usually thinking about price comparisons—you’re focused on checking out and getting home as quickly as possible. But now imagine that the coffee and milk you buy every week in Store A are actually several dollars cheaper at Store B. That knowledge can add up to significant savings over time.

The ShopSavvy app makes sure you find the best price for every product you buy. Simply scan the barcode of an item, and ShopSavvy tells you where you can buy it for the cheapest. It compares prices in thousands of retailers and alerts you to online and in-store sales.

2. NetSpot

Internet service is a big expense for many households, so it’s important that you receive the fast and reliable connectivity you pay for every month. How much do you know about your Wi-Fi performance? Does the signal work well in the home office but get spotty in the bedrooms? If you set up an account with an internet provider when you moved in, you probably haven’t thought much about it since.

The NetSpot app runs a comprehensive survey of your wireless network. It analyzes strengths and weaknesses and helps you optimize the location of your routers and hotspots. NetSpot also shares live data from all nearby Wi-Fi networks. If you’re unsatisfied with your network after reconfiguring it, you can use that info to research internet providers in your area and find a faster, cheaper Wi-Fi plan.

3. Clarity Money

Automatic subscriptions and bill payments make your life easier, but they also make it harder to keep track of unnecessary spending. It’s a terrible feeling to look at your bank statement and realize you still pay for the gym membership or the streaming service you never use.

The Clarity Money app uses AI to evaluate and adjust your spending habits. It helps you lower your bills by canceling subscriptions you don’t need anymore. If you start redefining your budget, this app could help you find a few extra ways to put money back in your pocket.

4. Bills Monitor

Paying a bill late and racking up a penalty is an avoidable waste of money, and most people don’t plan for late fees when they create their budget. Paying your bills on time allows you to hit your budget goals each month. If you struggle to remember when recurring payments are due, set up a foolproof reminder system.

The Bills Monitor app has an easy-to-use interface that separates bills by category and reminds you as due dates approach. The calendar view makes it simple to create a payment schedule and avoid late fees. Now all you need to do is remember to check your calendar.

5. LivingSocial

Just because you’re trying to save money doesn’t mean you have to give up everything fun. You can find great discounts on outings and activities in your area, but you need to know where to look.

The LivingSocial app curates local deals for restaurants, events, spas, travel, and more. Browse and purchase vouchers based on where you live, and take advantage of new experiences at an affordable price.

A few small tweaks in your household spending can lead to big savings. Give these helpful apps a try, and congratulate yourself on putting money away for a rainy day.

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