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Why Working With A Local Real Estate Professional Makes All The Difference Irene Medina And The Me

Why Working with a Local Real Estate Professional Makes All the DifferenceIf you’ve entered the real estate market, as a buyer or a seller, you’ve inevitably heard the real estate mantra,;“

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Weekly Rates So FL Home Sellers Enjoy Hefty Profits And Markets In A Minute August 8 2017

According to Mortgage News Daily, today’s national average rates are as follows:3.29% for a 15 year fixed conventional rate Annual Percentage Rate 3.34%3.99% for a 30 year fixed

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Housing Inventory HIts 30 Year Low We Are Still In A SELLERS Market The Medina Group

Housing Inventory Hits 30-Year LowSpring is traditionally the busiest season for real estate. Buyers, experiencing cabin fever all winter, emerge like flowers through the snow in search of their

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Guide To Learn How To Manage Stormwater Sustainably By Understanding Your Site

Follow this guide to learn how water moves through your landscape and how best to manage it.            The key to creating a truly resilient and sustainable

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